Guests have the option of flying in to Puerto Vallarta then choosing one of the following methods to arrive at our property:

    Direct Taxi
    The cost of a taxi directly from the Puerto Vallarta Airport ranges between 700 and 1200 pesos depending on the arrival time of your flight and the total number of people travelling. This option will have you at our property within about 1 hour.
    Taxi - Bus - Taxi Combination
    From The Puerto Vallarta Airport, guests can take a taxi to the Highway Coach Bus Depot (approximately 2 miles from the airport) for a cost of about 100 - 200 pesos depending on the number of people travelling. For 65 pesos per adult, guests can get on an air conditionned highway coach for approximately 45 minutes until they arrive at the town of La Penita de Jaltemba. From here, a taxi can be taken to get to our property for an addtional 100 - 200 pesos depending on the total passengers travelling. This option can take up to 3 hours. Please note that buses only run until 10pm from Puerto Vallarta.
    Casarey Pick-up Service
    We offer a pick-up service for our guests and can have you at our property within 1 hour of arrival time. If your flight is scheduled to arrive later in the evening, we recommend this option in case the flights are delayed; remember, buses only run until 10:00pm.

    • 2 Adults - $70 US
    • 3 Adults - $80 US
    • 4 Adults - $93 US
    • 5 Adults - $110 US
    • 6 Adults - $118 US

    Please note that our rates do not vary depending on flight arrival times.

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